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Irresistible Coconut Scented Squeako Dog Toy - Doggo Box

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Introduce a tropical twist to your dog's playtime with Squeako by Doggo Box. This interactive coconut-scented squeaker toy brings joy and entertainment to your furry friend's day, satisfying their instinctual need to chew while providing auditory stimulation with its squeaking sounds. Enhance your dog's play experience with Squeako! 

Best Coconut Scented Dog Squeaker Dog Toy In Canada 

Pamper your pooch with the irresistible charm of Squeako, our coconut-scented chew toy meticulously designed for resilience and enduring amusement. Engineered with an additional layer of robust material, Dog Squeako Toys are built to endure lively play sessions and cater to the most fervent squeak enthusiasts. Infused with a captivating mint aroma, this toy not only elevates playtime but also contributes to freshening your dog's breath. 

Why Choose Squeako By Doggo Box? 

Busy Dogs, Reduce Destruction: Keep your energetic fur babies happily entertained for hours, reducing destructive behavior.

Happiness in One Toy: Embedded with squeakers on each side, infused with a unique Milk scent.

Built for Aggressive Play: Almost indestructible, made from 100% premium rubber.

Perfect Bonding Opportunity: Engage your dog with games of fetch and playful tugging, fostering quality bonding time. 








6 inch 


 $15.99 CAD 




100% premium rubber 


Navy Blue 


Coconut Scented 


Refreshing Mint Scent for Long-lasting Enjoyment 

Manufacture Details: 

Treat your four-legged best friend with Squeako by Doggo Box. Designed with a growing dog's needs in mind, this rubber dog toy is the perfect distraction for teething dogs, helping to develop cognitive skills, tame destructive behavior, and provide endless entertainment. 

Free Shipping For Orders Over $35 In Ontario 

Enjoy free shipping for orders over $35 in Ontario, making it easier than ever to provide your dog with quality toys for their enjoyment and well-being. 

Add Squeako By Doggo Box to your cart today and treat your doggo to their new favourite toy.