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Chicken Scented Catcho Dog Toy - Doggo Box

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Introduce your furry friend to a whole new level of playtime excitement with our Chicken Scented Catcho Dog Toy! Crafted with quality and fun in mind, this toy is designed to keep your pup engaged, entertained, and satisfied for hours on end. Whether it's fetching, chewing, or simply enjoying the enticing scent, this toy is sure to become a staple in your pup's toy collection. Add a dash of flavor and flair to your dog's playtime routine with our Chicken Scented Catcho Dog Toy today!  


Why Choose Catcho By Doggo Box? 

Irresistible Scent: Infused with the savory aroma of chicken, our Catcho Dog Toy entices your pup's senses and adds excitement to playtime.   

Durable Construction: Engineered with high-quality materials, our toy is built to withstand vigorous play, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for your furry friend. 

Versatile Fun: Whether it's tossing, fetching, or chewing, our Catcho Dog Toy offers versatile play options to keep your pup engaged and happy. 

Interactive Design: With its interactive design, this toy promotes physical activity and mental stimulation, contributing to your pup's overall well-being. 


Item Number 





3 Inch 






100% premium rubber 






Inviting scent, durable construction, versatile play options 

Manufacture Details: 

Treat your furry companion to the ultimate playtime experience with our Chicken Scented Catcho Dog Toy. Crafted with care and precision, this toy is designed to bring joy and excitement to your pup's day while promoting physical activity and mental stimulation. Made from high-quality, pet-safe materials, our Catcho Dog Toy ensures both safety and enjoyment for your beloved pet. Add it to your cart today and watch your pup's tail wag with delight! 

Free Shipping For Orders Over $35 In Ontario 

Enjoy free shipping for orders over $35 in Ontario, making it easier than ever to provide your dog with quality toys for their enjoyment and well-being. 

Elevate your pup's playtime with our Chicken Scented Catcho Dog Toy! Add it to your cart now and let the fun begin!